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About Us


In 2003, ASTO Gallery merged in the Los Angeles arts district, founded by fine artist Pearl S. Park, an immigrant from South Korea. Originally a full-time artist, Pearl’s passion led her to establish a non-profit art museum for the Los Angeles community. ASTO has been showcasing diverse artists monthly and participating in art fairs across North America and East Asia since is inception. Despite a temporary closure in 2010, we are thrilled to announce the gallery’s reopening, making a new chapter in San Diego with our esteemed partner YU SPA.


ASTO gallery is dedicated to create opportunities for artists in San Diego, cultivating the connection and inspiration within our community through monthly exhibitions, global art engagement, and collaborative ventures. Our mission is to create a space where diverse voices converge, celebrating the power of creativity, uniting individuals who share the same passion and celebrating their collective expression with our community.

Black Oil Painting
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